The world has no volume to the dictators.
By Tadesse Yimer
27 Feb.2014
 Dictators througout the annals of history, Humanity has  always tried to free itself. Africa has an eternal dance of people who were revolutionary who freed their people, those that become the modern day messiah`s only to enslave the very people that they were bound to save.
There were almost  top 10  dictators in t africa saviours who eventually  turned into tyrants. The modern dictatorsTPLF who ruled this East africa ( Ethiopia Country through 22 year`s of oppression and rapid develeopment has freed.
 The TPLF is the taliban of Ethiopia. it is an out right fascist and Apartheid regim. but I don`t understand why the West lives with this criminal and terrorist cooperate with.mainly the termoile in the Horn of Africa particularly Ethio-somalia region is the terrorist.
 Down with the late prime ( Tigre Apartheid regim he does saw seed of hate and distruction b/n Nation , Clan and ethnicities and killed thausands of peoples. He distroyed many home lives and expelled hundreds of Amhara`s   women and children from the Gura ferda,Oromia and Gambela region were forcebly thrown from their own village and their Farmaland shot and killed . He is doing all of this under the watch of eye.
 U.S Presidant Bark Obama scolded Ethiopan dictators , during  abrief of one-to -one encounter at the G-20 meeting in London last April 2 2012, Obama reportedly told to the late PM that ,the humanright condition in Ethiopia is deplorable unacceptable.
 His people gave no reason for this  but insiders  in the press center said , late PM was worried about the kind of questions that were going to be  put to him concerning humanright violations within Ethiopia and his dealing with his opponents and Ethioppian`s Neighbors.!!!
  By Tadesse Yimer

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